John R. "Rusty" McLen, LMFT


Well established
Expertise you can trust
Helping you through a hard time

I am so very pleased and happy that Rusty is a counselor. I first met him in 1989 and can truthfully say his compassion and expert guidance has helped me through some very difficult times. Rusty’s words of wisdom have been so helpful and needed. His humility and love of Go radiates through all of his counseling sessions.

Rusty has given me wise counsel off and on for more years than I want to admit. I saw a couple of different counselors but was never satisfied prior to someone recommending Rusty because he “saved their family.” In fact, I was quite skeptical at my first visit but was quickly made to feel comfortable. Rusty is warm and friendly always making one feel welcomed.

​Rusty is a counselor that feels like a friend. He cares deeply for people and mourns and rejoices with them.  He is a man of faith who knows the Word of God, shares it, and lives it. These are all the things that set him apart for me.

I found Rusty at the moment of deepest and darkest despair in my life. I had totally given up and wanted to die. Years later, I am happier than ever and enjoying life.



Over 30 years my wife and I have met with three different therapists, sometimes for several years. The first two moved away at which point we were referred to Rusty. He has blessed our family in many ways, helping our marriage to grow to a point I believed unachievable. He helped our daughter to regain her confidence and leave a very abusive husband. At the same time he helped our son who was in such confusion he  was considering suicide. Thankfully, our son just finished his Master's Degree.

I am a 66 year old Christian, self made, successful business man. My wife and I are intelligent and educated people that are responsible and dedicated to our family. Sometimes we need a counselor like Rusty to help us through difficult times. That kind of help is priceless. Rusty is a down to earth country boy you just gotta love.

Down to Earth

I have appreciated and benefited from the wise counsel of Rusty McLen. If you want a Christian based approach to problem solving, Rusty can help. His down to earth Common Sense approach makes you feel like you are talking with a friend that will keep everything confidential.

Makes A Difference

I have known Rusty for 7 years. I had been to several other counselors, spent hundreds of dollars and never felt I was getting anywhere. After my first session with Rusty it was like a light had been turned on. He did more for me in that first session than 2 years of previous counseling. From the minute I met him he made me feel at ease. I still see Rusty even today on an "as needed" basis. He always seems to ground me and make things look manageable. I thank God daily for bringing Rusty into my life.

Wisdom that works

I met Rusty when my family moved to Abilene from out of state.  At the time, my daughter was a high school sophomore.  My excuse for moving my family back to Texas was that I didn’t like the “friends” my daughter was hanging out with.  Consequently, moving her away from her friends didn’t exactly qualify me as “Father of the Year” in her eyes.
To say that my relationship with my daughter was difficult would be substantially understated.  Fortunately, about this time, we began attending church where Rusty was on staff as a counselor.  My daughter and I agreed to both see Rusty to seek peace in our relationship and while there were definitely things she did to “get under my skin”, she was really just a normal teenage girl with a very independent personality (gee, I wonder where she got that?).
What I learned along the way, with a great deal of Rusty’s wisdom, was that I had anger issues.  I have heard that alcoholics believe that once you are an alcoholic, you are always an alcoholic…even when you are sober.  I believe the same to be true about anger.  The most important step in either situation is to admit you have a problem.  Once you truly believe the problem exists, you can begin the process of learning to manage the problem.
Looking back now 15+ years later, I didn’t move back to Texas to get my daughter away from her friends.  God led me back to Texas so that I would meet Rusty and see the stress I was creating for myself and for my family.
Be assured that I still struggle with my condition but rarely do I find myself in a situation where I don’t hear Rusty’s caring compassionate voice in my head saying how ridiculous I am acting and then saying something that makes me laugh at myself.  (Note:  Rusty would never use the word “ridiculous” when describing my actions but the message would come through in a much more professional manner).
In these 15+ years since I met Rusty, I have been through a roller coaster of emotions professionally.  I have lost jobs, then had really incredible jobs, lost those jobs and now have a good job.  Most of this is due to the industry in which I work and the recent economic issues that have affected our country and the world.  Through this difficult time, I have managed to land on my feet in great part because of the spiritually re-enforced foundation that Rusty helped me build.  I said “re-enforced” because I grew up in a strong Christian family.  I possessed all the spiritual tools I needed but Rusty helped me put the tools in order and helped me learn to use them better.
If it is the counsel of a Godly man you seek; If you need to gain a better perspective on life; If you believe that laughing can lift your spirits; If you are just in a rut or you have dug a hole so deep that you can’t climb out; Rusty McLen will deliver in spades.  There is no man I know who can communicate with and lead others as well as Rusty McLen.  Rusty will share with you some of his own skeletons that will demonstrate that he understands where you are and can help you to find your way.  I am thankful that God found a way to bring Rusty into my life because without his guidance and counsel; without his compassion and understanding, I fear that I would have been lost.  Because of Rusty, I may struggle as God tells us we will in our lives but I am far better equipped to manage those struggles thanks to Rusty.

I sought counseling from Rusty for about 8 months. He was truly amazing! He helped to dramatically improve my ability to communicate effectively with my husband and others. I ended up enjoying my sessions and when I no longer needed them, I actually missed Rusty. He is caring and brilliant as well!